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International Orders

We are thrilled to be sending Brainstorm Gear jerseys all over the planet. Thank you to all of our international customers!

A few things to consider when ordering from outside the USA:

  • Customs/VAT Charges

    • This can be confusing! Each country has its own tax policies, and many charge VAT (Value Added Tax).

    • This means that your government will charge you a percentage (usually around 20% for our product) for importing the item.

    • Brainstorm Gear is NOT responsible for these charges, and we can do nothing to help you avoid them. It is our legal responsibility to represent our goods and their value properly.

  • Shipping Times

    • We are unable to guarantee shipping times for international orders, but here is a general guide of what you should expect for our free shipping offer.

      • Canada: 6-10 days

      • UK: 10-14 days

      • EU: 14 days

      • Eastern Europe: 14-20 days

      • Australia, New Zealand: 10-14 days

      • Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong: 10-14 days

      • China, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Malaysia: 14-21 days

      • Central & South America: 14 days

      • Africa: 14-21 days

  • Tracking

    • Tracking is not always complete for international orders. In general, Canada, the UK, Europe and Australia will track all the way to your door, but sometimes there are discrepancies.

    • Why? Packages are shipped via USPS, but are passed off to your country's postal service when they reach customs. At that point you need to contact your local postal service to track the item.

    • Most foreign post services retain the USPS tracking number and can find the package with it, though you might not be able to use it on their website.

    • Can't find your package? Contact your local post office first - sometimes delivery is held for customs fees. If they can't find it then please email us - if a package is lost we will of course send you a new one or refund your purchase.