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Caveat Emptor!  Beware of Counterfeits!  New Cycling Jersey Amnesty Program

Sadly,  there are a number of websites out there selling cheap copies of our more popular designs. These shoddily made counterfeits are being sold for far less than a quality jersey like ours sells for even at wholesale.

We've seen prices as low as $35. We know that is tempting, but you get what you pay for. (see below for a quality comparison) And we don't want you to get ripped off. Please don't support these counterfeiters. If you see our designs for sale below our normal $89.99 price, then it is probably a cheap knock off.

If you've already been duped by these folks, we want to make it right. So, we're starting a Jersey Amnesty program. Just send us the counterfeit and we'll send you a code to get one of our authentic Brainstorm Gear jerseys at 50% off the regular price. Send an email to for details.

Here are some pictures of a counterfeit of our original Cookie Monster jersey compared to our real jersey. You can see the difference in quality. Plus, it is just wrong to steal someone else's designs, right? Caveat Emptor!

Counterfeit example